We had God on our side yesterday, that is for sure. Let me tell you why. A friend of ours was hurting. She needed milk desperately for her baby. No one came to her aid until we saw her Facebook post. We had just been to the store and used the rest of our food stamps for a gallon of milk for our children.

She needed it more desperately than we did, so we walked over and we blessed that woman and her child with milk. We truly felt that was what God had wanted from us. We felt so at peace and content with our decision. It truly felt right. Helping people always feels right to me.

Well yesterday we also needed help. We were almost out of diapers for our baby, we needed our own gallon of milk, toilet paper, toothpaste, body wash, just things everyone would need. With Josh still looking for a job, we have zero income and its a difficult struggle to be sure. We’ve been lucky enough to have family helping us out, but we can’t and don’t expect them to always be able to help us out.

Well the wonderful church we discovered came to our rescue. They offered to help us out while we’re getting on our feet. We humbled ourselves and accepted their help and today we were able to go to the store and buy what we needed. I never thought shopping for just regular old necessities would ever feel this wonderful, but let me tell you, it did.

I thank all these people who came to our aid from the bottom of our hearts. We have nothing but gratitude and love for you all. We thank you so very much for opening your hearts to us. May God bless all of you for being a blessing to us in our time of need.